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This brief includes:

  • Market Scope
  • Top Clients
  • 5 Current Market Trends
  • Trade Disruptions
  • Government Affairs Action
  • The Rippling Supply Chain Effects of the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse


Market Scope – The intermodal and logistics market includes multiple modes of transportation crucial for the efficient movement of goods from origin to destination. Different modes connect across public and private sectors to optimize supply chains and streamline operations. Rail and air-cargo facilities and trucking are mostly privately owned, but travel or operate over publicly maintained highways and airports. Terminals can be owned and managed by private operators while air and water are federally managed. Port facilities can be a mix that travel on public waters and truck routes are maintained by state or local entities. The intermodal and logistics market also includes various surrounding facility types including depots and container yards, inland ports, and industrial real estate.

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Intermodal & Logistics, Market Intelligence


May 2, 2024

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