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Value Redesigned: New Models for Professional Practice
Kyle V. Davy and Susan L. Harris
Greenway Publishing

Value Redesigned offers new ways of creating value and innovative pricing strategies, showing firms avenues of escape from the vicious cycle of commoditization and low prestige epidemic to today’s A/E/C community.

In Value Redesigned, Davy and Harris reveal a vivid landscape where innovative new models for professional practice are already beginning to flourish, showing firms avenues of escape from the vicious cycle of commoditization and low prestige that is epidemic within the architecture and engineering community.

Aligned with the dynamics of the emerging knowledge-based economy, these new models of practice offer bold value propositions, combining new ways of creating value with innovative pricing strategies.

Only available for immediate download in PDF format.

Praise for Value Redesigned

“In response to the marginalized status and influence of the A/E industry, Harris and Davy have created a stimulating blueprint for how to regain our creative leadership over a range of scales-within our firms, with our clients, within our clients’ ecosystems, and within society at large. We now have in a single book the best thinking of the latter part of the last century integrated with their deep insights, making this book an invaluable guide for developing yourself, your practice, and your leadership in society.”
– Christopher P. Ratcliff, AIA, Principal and CEO, Ratcliff

“As I read Value Redesigned I found myself rethinking the business plan of our firm. Every chapter forced me to reconsider the way that we get and then charge for our work. Today we are pursuing a model that will help enable us to create our own value through the introduction of unique ideas to our clients and then follow-up leadership. We are becoming real business people inventing instead of just implementing. I rarely read a book more than once but I’m going to wear this one out!”
– Niles Hushka PE, CEO, Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, Inc.

“Value Redesigned is a timely and important book for all professionals and professional firms involved in built environment projects. This is a must read for any one who cares about the future of their own firm and the future of the industry. I agree with Kyle and Susan, we all must commit ourselves to the adaptive work of innovating our business model from selling hours to creating value.”
– Al Barkouli, PE, Executive Vice President, David Evans and Associates, Inc.

“Bookstores are flooded with the latest business how to’s and X steps to success. Every once in a while a work is published that is transcendent-crossing multiple levels of understanding, meeting individuals where they are, and guiding them to a higher level of performance. These seminal works hold their value over time, for when they are revisited by the same learners at a later date, they offer more wisdom to gain even greater understanding. Davy and Harris have produced such a work. While it clearly gives today’s professionals a way out of the race to the bottom in the pricing of their labors, it also gives them tangible tools for building a better world now and in the future. This text should become an integral part of the curriculum of schools in engineering, architecture, and the applied sciences.”
– Lawrence P. Smith, COO, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

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August 13, 2019

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