Education Sessions


More education sessions will be added as they are confirmed - please check back for updates to the schedule!


Monday, May 23

9:15 am-10:00 am - Solutions Center Presentations in the Exhibit Area 

How AI + Big Data Will Transform the AEC Industry

Hank Tran, BST Global

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data are the emerging technologies reshaping just about every industry today. This session will examine the unique opportunity to leverage these technologies in the AEC industry and foster the data-driven consultancy of the future, which is built on project intelligence and powered by predictive analytics. Hank Tran, BST Global Director of AI & Analytics, will discuss how to get this innovation journey started at your own firm.  


Greyling's Design Firm Risk & Insurance Predictions for 2022: On Point or Missed the Mark?

Lee Ann Wheeler, ACEC Business Insurance Trust

Making predictions is a tricky business in the best of times, but especially after two years of upheaval. We will attempt to forecast 2022. At mid-year, we will share where we we're on point and where we missed the mark. Changes in design/construction market, risk exposure, insurance, and HR/employee benefits will be addressed.


10:15 am-11:15 am

Talent Acquisition in 2022 and Beyond

Nik Lahiri, Essel Environmental & Emergency Response

The slowdown of Technician & Associate talent is being felt throughout organizations. AEC business owners, managers and division leaders need to understand how the workforce has evolved and how to change their practices to keep up. It also explores the opportunities to add various types of vendors to the team that specifically focus on augmentation of technical talent.


Integration and Creating Value: 1+1=3

David Cohen, Matheson Advisors

What, when, and how—the three big questions that drive the critical integration phase of M&A and set the stage for the long-term success of the deal. Join our panel representing both buyer and seller perspectives on the integration as they discuss identifying synergies, human resources, marketing, and business development, and financial and organizational perspectives related to getting the most out of the combined entity.


Federal Market Opportunities - Transportation Grants Under the IIJA: What’s on the Street and What’s Coming Next?

T.J. Schulz, Airport Consultants Council; Ward McCarragher, American Public Transportation Association; Shayne Gill, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Six months in to the first year of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, tens of billions in transportation funding has already been made available to state and local governments, but billions more will still be disbursed by U.S. DOT across a range of project categories.  In this timely session, key industry leaders will review significant new funding opportunities, project eligibilities, what entities can compete, grant selection criteria, and the timeline for funding awards, so firms can knowledgeably advise clients and make informed market decisions.


11:30 am-12:30 pm 

Remote Risk Review: What Your Remote Employees Need to Understand About Risk Management

Eric Singer, Ice Miller LLP and Karen Erger, Lockton

In this brave new world of remote and hybrid work, risk management remains critically important and effective measures need to be adapted for the new Work-From-Anywhere environment. Join us to review the risks – new and old – and to discuss risk management strategies in the context of real-life situations and your new expanded workplace.


Coordinating Compensation and Ownership Philosophies

Matt Keene, Chartwell

As the workforce changes and younger employees view their careers differently, incentive programs need to evolve too. Join us to review best practices for aligning compensation and ownership philosophies and the various types of cash and equity-based incentives available to do so.  


Federal Market Opportunities - Green and Blue Hydrogen Program Developments Under the IIJA – Driven Energy Transition

A presentation by Sunita Satyapal,  DOE EERE, Director of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office on DOE’s Hydrogen program will be followed by a panel discussion on market challenges and opportunities under IIJA.


2:15 pm-3:00 pm - Solutions Center Presentations in the Exhibit Area 

Do Your Employees Have Access to a Personal Financial Advisor?

Lydia Zabrycki, ACEC Retirement Trust

Most employees struggle with feeling confident about making financial decisions. To help build a solid financial future, the ACEC Retirement Trust (ACEC RT) has top-tier financial advisors for all participants including top executives, to help achieve financial wellness both now and in the future. Attract and retain the best talent, and gain enhanced fiduciary protection with this unique 401(k) plan available only to ACEC members. 


Keeping a Competitive Edge with Employee Benefits

John Krebsback and Lindsay Simone, ACEC Life/Health Trust

Offering appealing employee benefits can give companies an advantage when recruiting top talent or motivating skilled employees to stay with the employer longer. In this session, we will provide details on the latest program trends and how to design a benefits package whtat will make your firm stand out.


3:00 pm-4:00 pm

How Capture Planning, Sales Funnels & Business Development KPIs create a Culture of Selectivity and Accountability

Kathy Nanowski, Fuss & ONeill

As the saying goes, “you can’t change what you don’t measure.” But before you start measuring, you have to figure out what behaviors you are trying to improve. This session will focus on three key areas of business development that will increase your hit rates while maintaining your utilization goals: a sales funnel for prioritization; a capture plan for increased hit rates; and the KPIs (with suggested industry goals that matter).   


The Value of Differentiating your Firm through Implementation of Technology and Innovative Best Practices

Brendon Cussio, Morrissey Goodale LLC

Technology can be a key differentiator in how your firm handles project collaboration and delivery methods, the transformation of client data, and acquiring and retaining talent. This session will help firm owners and IT practice leaders better understand how to implement and manage innovative technologies and create best practices which improve team and client relationships.


Federal Market Opportunities - Resilience Engineering in IIJA Implementation

Andrew Bochman DOE/INL Senior Grid Strategist moderates a panel with Tammy Conforti, Army Corps; Josh Human, FEMA; Lou Gritzo, FM Global; and Jim Hempstead, Moody’s - on the engineering challenges and opportunities of IIJA resilience program implementation.


4:00 pm-4:45 pm - Solutions Center Presentations in the Exhibit Area 

Overview of A/E M&A Trends

Jon Escobar, Morrissey Goodale

This session will discuss A/E Industry M&A and provide an update on deal activity in the U.S, current trends, deal pricing and outlook for the rest of the year.


Modernize Your File Services, Data Management and Engineering Application Workloads in the Public Cloud

Jaap Van Dujvenbode and Doug Dahlberg, NetApp

Learn how NetApp cloud data services enable organizations in Engineering & Construction, Manufacturing and Design to consolidate file services into the public cloud. By centralizing data from remote office locations, NetApp's solution building blocks enables a turn-key Cloud File System for your engineering applications, integrating data management capabilities with full visibility and control, while providing your user workforce a seamless experience for global data access and real-time collaborative workflows, including the most challenging CAD/BIM applications.


Tuesday, May 24


9:45 am-10:30 am - Solutions Center Presentations in the Exhibit Area 

10 AEC Growth Tips for 2022 and Beyond

Oscar Renya, Unanet

Learn 10 things you can do to future-proof your firm. As the industry grows and becomes more competitive, firms that can leverage the right kind of growth will stay ahead of the competition. Review the latest AEC research and what it means for the rest of 2022 and beyond.


AEC - Achieving Greater Outcomes through Digital Project Delivery

Michael Gustafson and Dana Judge, Autodesk

The AEC industry is facing an ever-evolving set of challenges and technology disruptions. It can be difficult to pinpoint which trends are most important to embrace and the right planning and implementation strategies to bring your firm the greatest value. In this session, learn about the current state of the built environment, digitalization trends shaping the space, and best practices for developing an execution plan when planning for digital project delivery.


11:00 am-12:00 pm

How to Get and Keep Rock Star Project Managers

Mary Loden, PE, Compass Management Consulting

PMs are on the front lines of firm profitability and client satisfaction, yet too many lack the training or support they need. Join us to learn proven strategies, tools, and techniques to help your project managers become effective leaders and manage projects more profitably. 


How Work Works Better: Fostering a Culture of Mutual Accountability while Honoring Individual Autonomy

Katie Toghramadjian and Mary Karlsson, Isthmus Engineering, Inc.

In the face of a shifting workforce, attracting talented candidates and retaining engaged team members is essential to meeting increased project demands. This case study will highlight tools and practices that honor individual autonomy while promoting a culture of mutual accountability that has allowed Isthmus Engineering to retain and continue to build a diverse, talented, and loyal team of engineering professionals.


How to Reduce Cyber Risks for Small and Midsize Organizations

Brian Nordmann, Dudek

Small and medium-sized firms remain an attractive target for ransomware, financial fraud, and supply chain attacks. Using a real-world case study, we’ll share a repeatable approach to identifying and reducing cyber risks by leveraging free resources and quick-win actions you can perform and reduce these risks.


11:45 am-1:15 pm - Solutions Center Presentations in the Exhibit Area 

10 Things Every Executive Needs to Know About Cybersecurity

Rizwan Virani and Chase Richardson, alliantgroup

alliantgroup will share critical information about cybersecurity within the construction and engineering industries, sharing best practices to help you avoid a cyber attack.


Optimize Assessment Delivery : The 5 Requirements of a Good Assessment

Josh Lowe, AkitaBox

Want better results?  Use better tools.  Learn how using modern data collection tools, maps and data analytics can change how modern Assessments are delivered.  Learn how projects can be delivered using dynamic data that can be easily audited, utilized and maintained over time as opposed to manual static reports that are limited in their long term effectiveness: Efficient Data Collection, Auditability, Insights (Reporting), Useability, Maintainability.

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Standard of Care Issues for Engineers

Katharine Jones, O’Hagan Meyer and Paula Dixon, Holmes Murphy

This session will examine the evolving standard of care for engineers in light of recent infrastructure failures, and what engineering firms can do to protect themselves. Join us to learn about differing legal standards, the types of remedies that flow from each legal standard, and what pitfalls can arise when the standard of care is not fully understood. 


Leading Growth and Preventing Workplace Burnout Post-Pandemic

Peter Atherton, ActionsProve

With the “great resignation” and the amped-up “war for talent,” burnout has become an urgent leadership problem to solve. Learn how individual, team, and organizational development gaps affect burnout and growth and how growth can be an antidote for burnout and a catalyst for next level success in the post-pandemic workplace, marketplace, and recruiting space.     


Climate Change: Evolving Trends in Insurance, Asset Management, and Contracting Practices

Patricia B. Gary, Esq., Donovan Hatem LLP; Karin Holland, Haley & Aldrich; Nancy Rigassio, AXA XL a division of AXA

Climate change is the existential challenge of our time.  Join us to learn how  insurance companies use cat modeling software to model hazard, vulnerability, exposure and loss from climate change events—to quantify adaptation measures and assess mitigation efforts; how asset managers are incorporating resilience into their organizations; and how design professionals can protect themselves through contracting practices.


More education sessions will be added as they are confirmed - please check back for updates to the schedule!