Schedule is tentative and may change. Check back for more information and updates.


Saturday, May 21

2:00 pm-4:00 pm

NAECE Meeting I

4:15 pm-5:15 pm

Planning Cabinet

4:45 pm-6:00 pm

ACEC/NAECE Staff Reception

Sunday, May 22

7:30 am-8:45 am

Leadership Breakfasts

9:00 am-10:00 am

Scholoarship Sub-committee

9:00 am-12:00 pm

Board of Directors Meeting

12:15 pm-1:15 pm

Small Firm Coalition (SFC) Executive Committee

Coalition of American Mechanical and Electrical Engineers (CAMEE) Executive Committee

Geoprofessional (GEO) Coalition Executive Committee

Land Development Coalition (LDC) Executive Committee

Coalition of American Structural Engineers (CASE) Executive Committee

12:15 pm-1:30 pm

Board and New Attendee Lunch

1:45 pm-3:45 pm

CEO Roundtables - Join CEOs and other A/E executives for an interactive discussion of best practices, business management concerns, and other industry issues.

Small Firm (1-50 employees) - Moderated by Small Firm Coalition

Medium Firm (51-200 employees)

Large Firm (201-500 employees)

Very Large Firm (501+ employees) - Moderated by Design Professionals Coalition

NAECE Meeting II

4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Engineering Excellence Awards Committee

Coalitions Leaders Committee

Nominating Committee

Transportation Committee

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee

Business Resources and Education Committee

5:00 pm-6:00 pm

Design Professionals Coalition Reception

6:00 pm-7:00 pm

Welcome Reception with Exhibitors

7:15 pm-9:15 pm

Welcome Dinner

The charity: water Story

Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO of charity: water 

In 2004, Scott Harrison left his life as a nightclub promoter in New York City and signed up for volunteer service with a humanitarian organization offering free medical care to the world’s poorest nations. Astonished by the conditions in his new surroundings, Harrison founded the non-profit organization charity: water, which uses public installations and innovative online fundraising platforms to fund over 22,000 water projects in 24 countries. Harrison will tell the full story of how he transformed himself from a nightclub promoter into a successful philanthropist, and how his innovative value-driven movement changed the non-profit world. Learn more about Scott Harrison

Monday May 23

7:00 am-8:00 am

Breakfast with Exhibitors

Women in Leadership Steering Committee

8:00 am-9:15 am

Opening General Session

National Political Outlook: a Fireside Chat

Margaret Brennan, Moderator of CBS News' Face the Nation & CBS News' Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Join Margaret Brennan in a fireside chat to hear her take on the political environment and issues heading into the 2022 election cycle.  Learn more about Margaret Brennan. 

9:15 am-10:00 am

Break with Exhibitors

Solutions Center Presentations - view all sessions

10:15 am-11:15 am

Educations Sessions - view all sessions

Women in Leadership Roundtable

Government Advocacy Committee

3 ACEC Trusts Meeting

Chair Emeritus Committee

10:15 am-11:45 am

Geoprofessional (GEO) Roundtable

11:30 am-12:30 pm

Educations Sessions - view all sessions

Federal Agencies & Procurement Advocacy (FAPA) Committee

Land Development Coalition (LDC) Roundtable

Fellows Committee

Membership Committee

ACEC/PAC Champions

12:45 pm-2:15 pm

General Session Luncheon

Into the Unknown: How Leadership, Ingenuity, and Perseverance Put a Rover on Mars

Adam Steltzner, Leader & Chief Engineer, NASA Mars 2020 Mission, Rover Perserverance

Only Adam Steltzner and his talented team at Jet Propulsion Lab could follow their “Curiosity” rover success with the stunning Mars 2020 mission to land the rover “Perseverance” on the red planet. The magnificent landing on Mars on February 18, 2021 was akin to hurling a dart from New York City to land in a 5-foot circle in Washington DC. More than a technological achievement, the successful mission stands as an extraordinary leadership accomplishment in the midst of a global pandemic. Steltzner will share his own innovation challenges, leadership struggles, and flawless execution while showing how you can overcome daunting obstacles in times of uncertainty and change. The human spirit is boundless, and Steltzner will leave you unafraid to journey from your comfort zone to explore your own exciting future. Learn more about Adam Steltzner

2:15 pm-3:00 pm

Break with Exhibitors

Solutions Center Presentations - view all sessions

3:00 pm-4:00 pm

Educations Sessions - view all sessions

NAECE Educational Session

Tax & Regulatory Affairs Committee

Risk Management Committee

Management Practices Committee

Coalition of American Structural Engineers (CASE) Roundtable

4:00 pm-4:45 pm

Break with Exhibitors

Solutions Center Presentations - view all sessions

4:30 pm-6:00 pm

Congressional Issues Briefing and ACEC/PAC Sweepstakes Drawing

6:00 pm-7:00 pm

Reception with Exhibitors


Tuesday May 24

7:00 am-8:00 am

Breakfast with Exhibitors

Fellows Breakfast

8:00 am-10:00 am

General Session

Pushing the Envelope: Being the Best When it Counts

Nicole Malachowski, First Women Thunderbird Pilot, Combat Verteran, Fighter Squadron Commander, White House Fellow & Advisor - Learn more about Nicole Malachowski

What does it take to be the best? The individuals and teams who achieve at the highest levels have one thing in common: they push the envelope and go to the edge of boundaries. They accomplish as much as possible and do it to a standard of excellence. Pushing the envelope is an aviation term for taking an aircraft to the maximum limits of its abilities. In the business world, pushing the envelope means knowing yourself—certainly knowing your limits—all while using every bit of your ability to maximize your performance, be your best and be consistent. Nicole Malachowski is a combat-tested fighter pilot and a member of the military’s most elite group of aviators (1 in 2,000 USAF pilots become Thunderbird pilots).  Hear lessons learned from a distinguished 21-year career that will give you the courage to push the envelope in your own life. That means using inevitable failures to launch to the next level…preparing for turbulence, because change is unrelenting, and it is hard, but you must anticipate it…trusting in teammates’ skill and precision, while developing your own…and being mindful of the over-control that leads to performance malfunctions and mutes achievement.   Learn more about Nicole Malachowski. 

8:00 am-12:00 pm

Legal Counsel Forum In-House Counsel Roundtable

10:00 am-10:45 am

Break with Exhibitors

Solutions Center Presentations - view all sessions

10:00 am-5:00 pm

Hill Visits

11:00 am-12:00 pm

Educations Sessions - view all sessions

Coalition of Professional Surveyors (COPS) Executive Committee

Water, Energy and Environment Committee

International Committee

12:00 pm-1:15 pm

Lunch with Exhibitors

1:30 pm-2:30 pm

Education Sessions - view all sessions

Coalition of American Mechanical and Electrical Engineers (CAMEE) Roundtable

Coalition of Professional Surveyors (COPS) Roundtable

2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Affiliate Advisory Committee

2:00 pm-5:30 pm

Engineering Excellence Awards Rehearsals and Photos

2:00 pm-6:00 pm

Legal Counsel Forum I

4:00 pm-7:00 pm

Engineering Excellence Awards Red Carpet

6:00 pm-10:00 pm

Engineering Excellence Awards Reception, Gala and Afterparty - separate ticket purchased required.  More information on EEA registration coming soon!


Wednesday, May 25

8:00 am-5:00 pm

Legal Counsel Forum II

8:00 am-5:00 pm

Hill Visits